Happy Dictionary


Happy Dictionary was born out of finding myself using Happy Translating to quickly look up terms. Without anything else to get in the way, Happy Dictionary lets you quickly switch between several Internet dictionaries to look up terms in different places.

Using Web Dictionary Links that you set up, you can quickly switch  between multiple sites by pressing ⌘1 through ⌘0. Setting up Web Dictionary Links is easy. 

Setting up Web Dictionary Links only simply requires you to take the URL of your desired site and replace the place {query} into the url where the search term should go. For example, Japanese wikipedia would be http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/{query}. If you were to then highlight 帽子 and select the Wikipedia link from the Dictionary menu, the bottom area would then proceed to browse to http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/帽子. 

Please leave a comment or contact eric.koziol at gmail dot com for any questions you may have.

Happy Dictionary - Eric Koziol