12, 13, Sorry!


Numbers are one of the most fundamental parts of any language. We use them every day. Mistaking seven for eight or sixteen for sixty, however, can be disastrous. This makes teaching numbers an important part of learning a foreign language, but one that must be enjoyable as well! 

12, 13, Sorry! is a fun number game to play with language learners of any age. Pick a number, or set it to be random and start counting. Play starts with any player who says the number on the screen and then presses the "I said it! button. Then they may pass the device to the next player or keep counting if they dare. After pressing the "I said it!" button on the selected number, "SORRY!" that player is out! Play continues until one remains.

If the player forgets how to say the number in the target language, no worries! Just tap the number to hear it said by a native speaker of that language!

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12, 13, Sorry! - Eric Koziol