FF5FJF: Removing the #stream command

A few years back I added the #stream command to the Four Job Fiesta. It was to share your streaming URL on the Fiesta page.

Well, this year Twitch added communities. Here's the one for the Fiesta. https://www.twitch.tv/communities/fourjobfiesta

As the majority of the people stream via Twitch, it just seems to make more sense to use the community. Why?

  1. It shows who is currently streaming. While I do have Twitch's API built into the site, this shows it in a much nicer way.
  2. It shows people who are currently streaming FF5. Sometimes people finish the Fiesta and, gasp, stream other things. They'll show up as live on the Stream page. I could fiddle with this, but Twitch has already offered me something better.
  3. It gets rid of the terrible Stream page. I'm actually not sure how many people used it. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with the code, but it loads real slow.
  4. People were using the #stream command wrong. It was designed to be put people on the Stream page, but people would use the tag whenever they started streaming. Since I had to manually approve streams so people weren't putting junk links in, this would reset their status so they wouldn't be showing on the Stream page.

So for now, Gilgabot is going to kindly ask you to use https://www.twitch.tv/communities/fourjobfiesta when you tweet the #stream command. I'll look for better ideas for next year. I realize this doesn't help people who are streaming on other services, such as YouTube, but it seems to serve the community as a whole best for now.

If there is anything I am missing, or any ideas to improve sharing streams, let me know.

Time Split Tracker for macOS 0.1.2

This one was a long time coming.

There was a bit of a bug with delays in the code, so that is now fixed.

Also, global hotkeys! They are now enabled. They are not changeable yet. Sorry about that. But you can enable/disable global hotkeys with F6 or from Controls -> Enable Global Hotkeys. This will make space, k and delete globally act as they do when the app has focus. Controls -> Disable Global Hotkeys will make them work only when the app has focus.

The split files still need to be set up by hand. Sample files are included.

Get it here.