ADITL for Windows, macOS and Linux

Someone mentioned that the iOS market is hard to get attention on. Believe you me, I know. But I made ADITL in Swift on iOS because I had the idea and could do it fast.

Porting it to Unity took some time.

But here it is. You can get it in your flavor of PC operating system that you like. For free, or throw me some cash if that's your fancy. It's a short game, but one I felt I had to make.

Dev Fun Stuff Time!

Unity and plists do not get along. The story for ADITL is in a plist. Which is basically XML, so I figured loading XML would be easy. It wasn't. However, Apple has an Xcode command line tool that lets you convert plist files into JSON files. So I did that, used a JSON tool for Unity and boom! It worked. Wasted a couple of hours on trying to get plists/xml to work but JSON was quick and easy. Thanks for the conversion tool, Apple. It worked great. Seriously. Saved me a lot of hassle.