Time Split Tracker for macOS 0.1.2

This one was a long time coming.

There was a bit of a bug with delays in the code, so that is now fixed.

Also, global hotkeys! They are now enabled. They are not changeable yet. Sorry about that. But you can enable/disable global hotkeys with F6 or from Controls -> Enable Global Hotkeys. This will make space, k and delete globally act as they do when the app has focus. Controls -> Disable Global Hotkeys will make them work only when the app has focus.

The split files still need to be set up by hand. Sample files are included.

Get it here.

Let's go inside


I am unsure if I want to do the DQ-style “hide the outside world” or not, but right now I am quite fond of having the roofs[1] disappear once you go inside. Of course, the roof is part of an entire roof layer. All nearby houses would show their insides too. Which might not be exactly what I want, but the layout could handle that, of course.

Thinking about it, I’m not sure why some buildings did this in DQ and some didn’t. A lot of the shops didn’t need it and many didn’t have it. Things locked behind a door were often hidden with a roof, but I can think of many examples of where they weren’t. Hm.

Anyway, the big thing here is that triggers are enabled. Walk over a tile with a trigger and something can happen.

  1. I really want to say “rooves” for some reason.  ↩