Monthly Modern Masters 9/8

Round 1: Jeskai Control My opponent leads off with a Scalding Tarn into a Steam Vents, so hey, we could be anything. He was Jeskai Control, and game one I got Teferi and Narset locked pretty quickly. I am not sure if they were too familiar with Storm because games two and three I just made sure to get quick Goblins and managed to crush them. That said, Jeskai Control is a tough matchup and I felt good getting my wins in. Starting off well. 2-1 and I’m 1-0.

Round 2: UR Wizards Turn one Scalding Tarn into Steam Vents. Huh. Wait, this time it’s a Monastery Swiftspear. UR Delver? Nope. Delver is too slow. Just a bunch of Wizards. Thankfully I manage to pull together a win game two and game three I play a quick Aria of Flame and manage to get enough damage in. It adds up fast. Feeling good. 2-1 and I’m 2-0.

Round 3: UR Rhinos What. So again my opponent leads off with a Scalding Tarn into Steam Vents but this time casts Serum Visions. Mirror match? Some other sort of deck? Well, my turn three I cantrip a bit, and swing in with Baral for 1 point of damage. Why not? Well, because my opponent casts Electrodominance and makes two Rhinos with Crashing Footfalls. Um… So that was a punt. Next turn the drop As Foretold and I cannot keep up with the Rhinos. Game two is more of the same and I just cannot get anywhere. Was not expecting that. 0-2 and I’m 2-1.

Round 4: Tron Ah, Tron! I can beat Tron! My turn one cantrip finds me nothing and I cannot hit lands. They get a turn three Karn. Oh well. This is what sideboards are for! Except this time I find all my lands and they get a Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and I’m short on mana to go off. Well, you can’t win them all, right? 0-2 and I’m 2-2.

Round 5: Burn Eek. They were just too fast. This was not exactly traditional burn. It was more of Mono Red Prowess without Faithless Looting. I have beaten Burn before, and I am sure I will beat them again, but this time it was too fast. Summer isn’t over yet. 0-2 and I’m 2-3.

Round 6: Merfolk What the fuck. I keep a hand of two lands, three cantrips, Baral and a ritual. Around turn six I’m dead and never saw land three. Game two I flood. Classic “bad beats” tale. Very frustrating. Trying to think of what I could have done wrong. I probably should have sided out Remand? I never had a chance to cast it game two due to their Cavern of Souls and sadly I never had a turn going off to actually use it on my own spells. Screw then flood? Smells fishy. 0-2 and I’m 2-4.

Round 7: Cragganwick Shoot I have no idea what this deck was. I asked at the end and he said “Cragganwick Shoot.” This is Cragganwick Cremator. I don’t know. He just drew lots of creatures and I bricked games one and three. I guess me not knowing how to interact hurt poorly. And to be “”fair””, I was in a bad enough mood that I was not playing optimally. Shot through the heart. 1-2 and I’m 2-5.

That was crushing. Granted, I did have some good games, and it’s interesting how I have gone 2-5 but ended with my wins and that made me feel better. So I really have to think about that. Not exactly the most healthy mindset. I might have done a bit better with some better mulligans, but again some of it was just luck. What can you do? Hopefully I can get over my current “inability” to play Magic Online and get some more practice in before my upcoming Modern MCQ this Sunday.