Games I Beat in 2019 #6 - The Legend of Zelda (Switch Special)

Thirteen hours is a long time.

Every tie I fly I think “I’ll play a game.” Then my foot hurts, or my back hurts or I just get so nervous that I can’t focus on anything. So this time my aspirational game was Dragon Quest XI, but I never even booted it up.

I did look at my Switch for a bit. I wasn’t in the mood for Phantasy Star, and any modern RPG seemed like too much for my exhausted brain. So I messed around with the Famicom games. First a little Solomon’s Key. That game’s hard. Then I wondered what these “Special” versions were.

I booted up The Legend of Zelda and found Link with a bunch of hearts, 255 rupees, nine keys and every item that could be collected on the world map. Game on.

It’s still The Legend of Zelda, but being overpowered was fun. I cleared the game within an hour, and lamented the eight or so I had remaining.

But it was fun to play a game I liked again even if it was easier. This is a cool thing.