Hareruya Vintage 9/16

Vintage deck lists are so long.

Vintage deck lists are so long.

Thirteen people for non-proxy Vintage. I had made some tweaks before the tournament, adding a White splash and putting in Urza, Lord High Artificer because he makes Saheeli, Sublime Artificer say “Prowess: Put a Mox Sapphire into play”. Seems like it might be good? Plus, that Karnstruct will get big.

Round 1 - Bye

Oh, what a way to start the day. I check the field. A couple of Paradoxical Storm variants, Dredge, Jeskai Xerox, Dark Petition Storm and one Ravager Shops. No games and I’m 1-0.

Round 2 - 4C Control

Game one he gets an early Collector Ouphe and a Bob. I play a little sloppily with my bounce and get locked out. Game two I get a quick combo going and finish him off. Game three he goes down to four cards and I regret my hand not being as strong as it could be. He trades resources with me for a while, but I’m soon able to get Saheeli going and when I drop Urza, that is a lot of mana. Time is called and I cast Time Walk and then get Manifold Key and Time Vault to take all the extra turns and finish him off. 2-1 and I’m 2-0.

Round 3 - Jeskai Xerox

Considering my friend built this deck specifically to prey on the influx of Paradoxical decks, I get dunked on. I Force check him both games and he has plenty of counters. 0-2 and I’m 2-1

Round 4 - Bye

What? Well, after pairings were announced my opponent had to drop. The person who had a bye had wandered off so they just gave me a win. When he returned, we played for fun. He was on Dark Petition Storm and I managed to combo off on him quickly both games. No games and I’m 3-1.

Round 5 - Dredge

Game one, he dredged. It’s infuriating, but at least as a combo deck I might have a chance? I didn’t. Game two I get off Tinker. He uses both of his Bazaars to find a Force, which I have back up for. I get out Bolas’s Citadel Unfortunately, my top is a brick, and I don’t have any shuffle effects. He also had found a Force of Vigor and took care of my Citadel. I’m left with nothing and he goes off. We play a game for fun (I mean, getting to play Vintage in paper isn’t super common) and I manage to combo off and beat him without him having any backup. But, that doesn't count for tournament records. 0-2 and I’m 3-2.

So, getting two byes felt kind of bad since Vintage I’m mostly there to play and not so much to just win. But going 3-2 got me back my entry fee in store credit, so no complaints. Normally Hareruya runs Monday Night Vintage at 8pm, but since we were already there, they were convinced to run it at 5. I sit down against a friend who is on a BUG version of

Round 1 - BUG Dark Petition Storm

Game one I mulligan and lead with a land and Manifold Key. In my hand is a Tolarian Academy, Force of Will, Ponder, and Time Vault. Potential lock incoming. He goes Lotus into Necropotence. Should I have forced it? Likely. I didn’t, thinking that having force backup for potentially drawing an artifact would work. I didn’t and he manages to combo through my hate. Game two he uses Necropotence to get low and misses. He has Abrupt Decay for his Necro, though and after I whiff on Citadel again, he gets one last draw and manages to get his combo. 0-2 and I’m 0-1.

Round 2 - Jeskai Xerox

Ah, my friend again. Games one and three are similar to the previous tournament. I did manage to get off Tinker game two and Bolas’s Citadel is good even if you need an extra turn sometimes. 1-2 and I’m 0-2.

I’m tired and a little crank at this point so I drop, go eat some curry and go home and pass out. Vintage is fun, but exhausting. I am torn between wanting to build my own thing - I mean Vintage sure is the place to do it - and just taking stock Paradoxical lists and working on my skills like I do with Modern and Legacy. Then again, we might (hopefully) be seeing a Narset and perhaps Paradoxical Outcome restriction soon, so until I see what happens I think it’s best to just mess around and have fun.

Saheeli is powerful, I just haven’t found the right configuration yet.