Games I beat in 2019 #5 - Dead’s Building

You can watch my entire play through of this game on Twitch.

It was spring break and I woke up to see Indie Gamer Chick asking if anyone could stream a Switch game. Sure can! The game sucked.

Neat concept, but it wasn’t much fun. Basically you just are operating an elevator and trying to get as many people out of the zombie-infested building as you can. I guess the zombies are not outside? Let’s not think too much about this crisis.

It does inspire a good sense of panic as controlling an elevator is not exactly easy. Since you cannot control any of the human characters, you are basically moving the elevator to their floor and hoping to get there before they die or are too weak to move and get swarmed by zombies and... die.

I finished it in about a half hour and it was definitely a "whatever” game. I wouldn’t buy it, and I’m not sure I’d play it given any other circumstances.