Games I beat in 2019 #4 - Princes Remedy in a Heap of Trouble

I beat this February 10, but never got around to writing this report. I am working off of memory here, but taking that as a challenge!

The first Princess Remedy game was a cute, quick action RPG that I quite enjoyed. So with some money left over in my Steam Wallet after the holidays, I thought I'd give the sequel a try. I liked it.

The sequel follows a similar premise, but changes things up by allowing you to “date” other characters in game. This affects your stats and how battles play out. Like the first game, there is a special “character” that can only be acquired by not doing something during the game until you encounter them. Neat for replays, kind of annoying on the first play. I think it is a fine idea in general, but does annoy me a little bit.

Since I am writing things months after beating it, I am sure I am forgetting a lot and perhaps conflating some things with the original game. However, it was an enjoyable experience that I recommend. Both games are short but give a pleasant experience which left me wanting more from this developer.