This is how you get ants

I ate some popcorn in my car on the way to a Legacy tournament tonight. Apparently I dropped some as I found it on the seat after the tournament. Free snack! I put it in my mouth. Whatever. It's dry food and from what I remember hearing dry food on dry surfaces tends to not really be "dirty". I pop it in my mouth and suddenly there is a burning sensation. I spit it out and there are a few ants on it. Fuck. Why are there ants in my car?

Prior to this ant disaster, I had an ANT adventure and did well with the deck tonight. Results aside, I felt like this is the best I played with the deck in a while. I was calm, composed and resisted bad urges I had and had clean wins. In the end I walked out with a free entry to a big Legacy tournament next Monday.

I am happiest right now because it was not the wins but the play that I was able to focus on, enjoy and learn from. I haven't felt this good with the deck, well, ever. Am I going to win Monday? I don't care. I want to keep playing like this.