Games I beat in 2019 #2 - Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt

This one showed up in my Steam queue and it was free, so why not?

It was good. Simple, a bit silly, but not full of itself nor extends its welcome. What Undertale should have been instead of the steaming pile of shit that it is.

The concept is simple enough. There is a world of Hurt and you have to heal it. Go around towns and caves, talk to sick people, animals or plants and heal them. "Healing" is a single screen shooting segment with enemies that get craftier as the game goes on. It ends with a three screen boss battle that reminded me of Final Fantasy 6. There is one little thing that was a tad annoying as it made me restart the game. But it wasn't that bad.

There is a chest in the third section that is jealous that you opened other chests. So I restarted and made my way there without opening any others. Thing is, those chests contain power ups. Things that make battles easier. So getting to that chest is harder. The game is nice, though. After opening the Jealous Chest, the game gives you everything that was in the skipped chests. So I didn't lose that much time.

There are a few secrets in the game, but none were too hard to find. I did end up missing one item and had to backtrack for it. Turns out I missed an early fight because I had done it my first attempt at the game.

It was a decent challenge. It ramped up but never felt too difficult. There was one fight that I was doing before the Jealous Chest that took me a few tries, but figuring it out was fun. After that it wasn't exactly easy, but it was easier. The final boss only took me one try, but I never felt like it was a guarantee.

At the end is the option of proposing to any NPC in the game. Including the Jealous Chest, which is now an empty chest. A cute little ending plays with dialogue based on the NPC you picked. There's a sequel, and it's not free, but it also looks like it has a lot more going for it. I added it to my wishlist.