Japanese Nationals Draft Deck


This was my first time doing Competitive Level drafting. You’re timed and you can’t peek at your stuff while drafting. It was kind of intense the first pack, but it felt okay after that. 

Believe it or not I started the draft with a bad rare I don’t even remember, mediocre uncommons but there was a Strangling Spores. Felt good. Ajani’s Pridemate comes next and I’m feeling Black White lifegain. Start grabbing some decent White creatures, but Black is dry. Okay, so I pick some decent stuff in other colors to try to get somewhere, but there’s just no Black. Pack two I see a Heroic Reinforcements, so I’m ready for Red/White. I get passed a Sarkhan’s Unsealing and I think, hm. There are some good red creatures with 4 power. I only see the Volley Veteran, and that’s _pack three_. So I just keep grabbing small things that get out there quick. Trumpet Blast comes along and I’m feeling it. I got two Knights that make 2/2 knights, and the enchantment that creates one. We got a theme here. Pack three I open junk but get passed a Mentor of the Meek and Militia Bugler. Okay, baby, we’ve got a stew going.

I figure my curve is low and with Bugler, Mentor and three Daybreak Chaplains (one from each of packs A, B, and C) I figure I can afford to go with 16 lands and just try to push on through. Pegasus Courser helps two.

Round one I get matched agianst someone who had Sarkhan’s Unsealing and the creatures to use it. Although thankfully he never drew it (he showed me afterwards) but he did have _three_ Daggerback Basilisks and two Rabid Bites. I got wrecked.

Round two was against a White Black deck with that damn Sigeled Sword of Valeron, and my sorcery that destroys tapped creatures isn’t too great. We have two long games until time is getting close and he gets me game two. Game three I just go full Boros Blast on him and take the win.

Round three I get paired against a Black Red deck and I just make tokens and pump them and draw cardds off of Mentor of the Meek and I would say I got fairly lucky, but the deck did exactly what I wanted it to. So I’m fairly happy. I never drafted Red White in M19, but it turned out okay. 2-1.

I probably should have leaned off of White a little earlier and looked deeper into the other colors, but with a good White creature in the Pridemate and decent Black removal I thought I could get somewhere with that, but I didn’t. Had I picked up red a little earlier pack one I might have had a stronger deck, or I might have seen something in Blue or Green but just happened to miss it because, well, like I said this was my first draft with timed picks so experienced I was not. But it went pretty well. I’m happy with that.

One more day of Japanese Nationals to go.