Trying something new

Guilds of Ravnica pre-release is this weekend. This means Magic Online went down today and stopped doing leagues at a certain point. Arena is down for the big Open Beta switch.

So I could have played one of the many video games that I have but instead I loaded up Shadowverse on Steam which I had been messing with on my phone.

I ended up playing it most of the day.

I took all the free stuff they gave me for signing up and turned it all into the in-game card crafting stuff so I could build a competitive deck I found online for Luna, one of the characters I liked.

I played through her story, and it was pretty good. Fucked up in a few ways, but fun. Then I took the deck onto the competive versus ladder and did fairly well, even though I'm still quite ignorant about the game. Trial by fire. I moved up from Beginner to the D0 rank, so that felt good.

Of course, I really knew nothing about the game and apparently a new set is launching today. Well, while I sleep. And the rotation takes with it one of the important cards to the deck I put together. Oh well. I had fun and some people on Twith were telling me that I picked a fairly good thing to make anyway, and shouldn't have much trouble making a good deck after rotation.

Of course, I'm more interested in playing Magic once that digital stuff comes back online, but until Arena gets some mobile versions, I think Shadowverse might be a thing for me to mess around with on my phone.

I should also get around to trying that Eternal game. I've heard good things.