If that's movin' up, then I'm passin' out

Ugh. Health check.

Lucky to have health insurance, but I always dreaded this because I knew that once I hit a certain age, blood tests would become necessary.

Last year was bad. As soon as I found out that I was going to have a blood test I found myself sweating profusely an barely able to stand. I am pretty sure I passed out for at bit after the blood was drawn.

Today I don't think I passed out, but it was such a bizarre moment. They lie me down, all these other teachers are going around with their vials of piss and getting weighed, and here I am with a blanket put over me (I don't get why they put the blanket over me) and then of course the blood taker is alternating between arms trying to find a place to take blood and at this point I am sweating. Pure heat radiating from my forehead and then there's that sting.

And the draining. I can just feel the blood being sucked out of me. A few minutes pass and they ask if I can stand up. Time to be done. Apparently I have one more thing to do where someone sticks a bunch of stuff to my chest and check out my heart? The woman administering the test(?) asks me to relax and I can't quite get it across that the blood taking got to me bad.

All done. Wobble out to my car. See my boss. “You okay?” Not really, no. “You look bad. Be careful.” I sit in my car and drink half a liter of water and drive to work. Teach my classes. I made it.

Goodness, I hate having my blood taken.