I made lots of mistakes with GIfts Storm today, but I learned a lot.

Land orders matter. You have to think about these. I may not have won the game, but I didn't have a chance because I put a Stream Vents into play tapped instead of a Spirebluff Canal and lacked enough mana the next turn.

I could have won round 3 if I paid attention to my opponent's mana and realized that he was tight on blue and my Wipe Away could have bounced an Island end of turn and Cryptic Command wouldn't have prevented me from winning on round five of turns.

Devoted Company is hard, but I have to try to trade for their early creatures as fast as possible so that I can get the chance to combo.

Mono Red Prison is mean. I think I just got bad beats there.

A 2-4 is not a great record, but I sure learned a lot playing the deck today. And that feels good.