First and Last

I played in two Magic tournaments today.

Well, three if you count the PTQ on Magic Online.

That's a lot of Magic. The Modern PPTQ was a disaster. Only eight people showed up which meant that it was single elimination. Through the Breach got me in two games before the match next to me really got started because of a judge call. Okay, I might be exaggerating. But it was done real fast. It took me longer to get there.

So I was bummed out. Okay, it happens, but whatever.

Then I drove to a nearby store that was doing a Store Championship. Another small tournament, but I crushed it. Turbo Fog did it this weekend. Control and mirror matches didn't hurt, but hey, I had bad varience an hour earlier. Then I won a tournament. Not one that gets me close to my goal of playing on the Pro Tour, but a confidence boost that I can win tournaments.

Then I did another sealed PTQ on Magic Online. 3-2 instead of 2-3! I pulled a Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire and was so, so, so tempted to build around it, but my Red and especiallly my Green weren't exactly there. I did have two of the common dragons and a Dragon's Hoard, but I just wasn't confident enough and my white looked a little bit better. So I went White Black and after losing game one, round one, I through to gether the Vaevictis deck I was thinking about during sideboarding and it just crashed to mana screw hard. So I think it was best that I registered the White Black deck. I was lucky to get a bye round three, but my deck did what it was supposed to do rounds four and five. And that's six packs, which is 18 out of the 30 tickets the tournament cost. Selling the junk from my pool grabbed me another two tickets, so it was ten for some practice with sealed.

I am tired of M19 sealed and probably should just wait until Guilds releases to do any more. But today was a pretty good day for me Magic-wise. A needed boost of confidence.