Never clean

Heavy rain cancelled classes today. I'm lucky.

So I streamed. Exercised. Got my translation work done. Did laundry. Did a huge overhaul of my Magic collection for the upcoming Standard rotation.

I got a lot done today, but I still feel like I failed. What could I have done that would have made the day a success? Made a million dollars? That's unrealistic. Make a dollar? Well, I translated about $200 worth of stuff. So that's something.

I was also approved for a Japanese credit card. That's awesome considering how hard they can be to get. It arrived in the mail today.

I started learning Modern Storm. I went 3-2 in a casual league. I beat Humans, Grixis Death Shadow and then lost to Burn twice but beat Burn once. Burn is hard. But it was good practice. And I'm enjoying the deck a lot. Not sure if I am ready to take it to a PPTQ, but it's the most fun I've had with Magic in a while.

Today was good. So why do I feel sad?