I hate having access to Netflix.

Well, I like it. When I was in a real bad funk last year, watching Rick and Morty over and over at least gave me something to chew over in my mind. And I enjoyed it. Plus living in Japan allows me to not be oversaturated with it popularity. Plusses.

But the “binging” is a bad thing from time to time. But is it preventing me from doing what I want or am I just using it when I am in a state that I wouldn't do anything anyway? I suppose that's another story for another time.

So, I finished watching Disenchantment yesterday. First, my apologies to John DiMaggio for somehow misreading his name as H. Jon Benjamin. I was really confused why I couldn't pick out the one actor.

Anyway, when I was back in the states this summer, I was watching the Pro Tour on Twitch and every break they showed the advertisement for Disenchantment at least twice. It was kind of annoying by the end, but I was still curious.

So it was on Netflix a few days after I got back from Japan and I squeezed it in over the past two weeks.

I liked it.

I think the trailer did it a disservice because it felt like the show would be about Bean running off during the wedding and exploring the world. That's not what happened. She spent a lot of time at home. And her husband to be spent a lot of time with a sword in his head.

But after I got over that I just took the show for what it was, and it seemed to be dealing with someone who “has it all, including depression”. And that, while not a completely unique thing, touched with those flavors of Simpsons and Futurama humor did work for me. The episodes were up and down and I was okay with it. Until the end.

The last two episodes (spoilers?) hit me just as hard as some of the best episodes of Futurama. You know the ones. I hadn't realized how attached I had grown to all of the cast.

So I hope there's a season two. I hear it's not getting the best reviews, but when you've got The Simpsons and Futurama on your resume, making anything has got to be hard. I like where it went and want to see more.

I hope we get to.