Back to the Grind

Ooh, I was a bad boy over summer. Not a single blog post while in America! Not a line of code written for EPIC.

Lots of translating, though. Lots. Almost to the point where it "interfered" with my "vacation". But it’s good. I mean, can I complain? Yes. Should I? No. I worked to pay off the trip to America and then some. Which is good because bills, bills, bills. Including automobills. Or however the song goes. I never quite hear that one line right.

It’s funny that I say "vacation" to America because it no longer feels like going home. Yes, my parents’s home, which was my childhood home, hasn’t changed that much. But it’s no longer “home” home. Japan is ultimately my home.

And I’ve already been back for almost a week. What. How does that even...

If I learned anything from this last trip, my body does not get along with jet-lag as well as it used to. Or maybe I’m trying to do too much. Or maybe because I am a little fatter, I know, you don’t need to tell me. The scale isn’t lying.

But a few days in and I have already hit up two PPTQs. Blech. Modern. I dunno. I’m sure there are people much more dedicated to the format than I am who are doing just fine but I “don’t get it”. It feels like the price and deck variety of Legacy with the volatility of Standard mashed up into a format with kills so fast you might not possible even have the chance to draw any reasonable interaction and, blah. I am just whining now. But the PPTQ season goes on for a bit more and I’m sticking with Mardu Pyromancer because, well, I don’t know exactly other than it seems not terribly positioned and learning a deck is something. It’s not an easy deck, that’s for sure.

But what is.

I know what’s easy is just eating junk food and sleeping, two things I am trying to organize a bit better. No one would shut up about the “intermittent fasting” “”diet”” when I was back in the States so I figured I’d try it. And by try it I mean it is at least a good reason to force myself not to eat snacks late at night and that has to at least do something for my waistline. Right? Maybe? We’ll see.

Anyway, translation and some tournaments this week. Meetings and presentations for school the week after, and then we slowly get back into the school year grind.

When’s winter vacation begin?