Goodbye Grixis, Hello Canada

So. Deathrite Shaman. Banned. As if to make Grixis Delver even more dead, Gitaxian Probe got the axe too.

I get it. They are both ridiculous cards and don't make the format much more fun.

Well, I sure enjoyed playing Deathrite Shaman. But I get it.

I had actually slowly transitioned from "pure" Grixis Delver to a Four Color version, opting for Tarmogoyfs over Young Pyromancers, Abrupt Decays and more Spell Pierces over Cabal Therapies. So when then ban hit I was kind of ready for it.

I only needed a few pieces to go to Canadian Threshold. One of those was a fucking Tropical Island, or Isola Tropicale as the cheaper Italian version I found is named. But hey, cards get sold, cards get bought, the cycle continues.

I played it for the first time last night and I think I found a good home to transition to. Is it going to be hard? Yeah, I've already noticed some plays that I made which were not as good because my options in Grixis Delver for later turns are different from this. But there will be a readjustment time.

It was time to change, though, and here we go. This is my third (okay, technically fourth if you count the Grixis -> 4C shift and fifth if you count the proxied Stasis deck I made for a fun tournament) Legacy deck. It feels weird because I changed so infrequently. Well, small changes. But no big. And this was a big one.

Let's see how it goes.