Not doing something is so easy

Look with the amazing ease and grace I don't write on my blog!

Maybe I'm just boring.

I finished two books in the past week. The Stand and Vacationland.

I kind of hate books like Vacationland because they go down so smooth and so easily and when it's over I'm like "But aw, I wanted more of that..." So 'hate' is the wrong word but it is frustrating. Mostly because I just finished a book like The Stand which was so long that it was amazing that I actually finished it. But doing something thirty minutes a day can lead to… something, I suppose. Completion!

Not exactly what I want to be completing, but I cannot say that reading English doesn't help with keeping me at least somewhat literate when I am translating. Translating a lot can easily lead into writing how the source language reads into the target language and then ~awkward~. But still. I make some excuse to read 30 minutes a day.

Now if I could only find a way to do that with other things I want to do.

I totally fucked up the promise to play FF12 HD before this year's Fiesta. I’ll own that. Honestly, Magic and sleep are both more interesting than Final Fantasy 12, and that is why I haven't finished it. But I will probably attempt to play it as the Fiesta goes along. I don't think I have that much left in the game, but then again it is excessive in all the wrong ways.

Next on my to-read list is Dune. Another monster of a book. Then, I don't know. Maybe I could focus some energy on playing some games every day but I am on this kick of wanting to not suck at Magic. Which isn’t going well, but damn if I am not trying. Damn it all to hell.

Wow, I can write a lot of nonsense once I just start typing. Maybe I have something in my brain. Now if I can just channel that.

Also, I don't want to be translating right now, when I should be, but I just don’t. Sometimes things make you tired. Like going to the US Embassy. Ugh. I harbor no ill feelings to the people who work there, but the constant rule changes (before I could bring my laptop and they would hold on to it along with my cellphone and other electronics, but now they’ll hold on to nothing, but I cannot bring a laptop inside but I can bring a cellphone inside it just has to be turned off because… Security! I don't know). Anyway, all the paperwork, and the waiting, and the swearing oaths and waah, it's exhausting. It's not the-worst-thing-ever, it just makes for tiredness. It is tiring and I will admit that I am tired and a bit cranky.

A big cranky baby, perhaps. But my feelings are what they are, right? It's okay to have feelings still, isn't it? As long as I’m not fucking other people over? I think I’m being nice.

I’m trying.