Gold Bond and clichés

One of the first things you'll hear new JETs in Japan complain about is the abundance of teachers frequently saying "さむい" (cold) during winter and "あつい" (hot) during summer.

To be fair to these teachers, it's fucking true. As the son of a teacher, I'm used to public education lacking in terms of budget and Japan is no different. Tack on some cultural stuff (even though most teacher rooms have air conditioning, they don't turn it on during the hours when the students are in school out of "respect" for the students, since there is no AC in classrooms) and you are left being a sweaty mess in the summer or heavily layered and somehow still cold to the core in winter.

I am a sweaty mess right now. Gold Bond was applied thoroughly.

It's just gross, though. The humidity is through the roof. And we have another month to go before summer vacation kicks into effect.

I kind of hate writing this because it's cliché as fuck. I have probably written about it before and probably will write about it again as long as I am a teacher. But when you're a sweaty pile of mush it just becomes hard to think about anything else.

M19 is coming up? That might be exciting. Grand Prix Chiba is sealed so, I’m going to have to practice for that.

If I could move my body.