Somehow this happened.

Of course this worried me at first because this means something was likely wrong with the Fiesta bot.

Then it hit me.

I use my own account for lots of testing. I probably should use another account, but it doesn't really matter until the event is live. Unfortunately it was live when I ran into something to fix, but I hadn't started playing that much yet so I just used my account to fix it.

But since I revealed my jobs and wanted to be surprised, I closed my eyes and typed in some commands.

Thanks to TextExpander I can randomly type out any FF5 job. Ninja. Boom. That was from me typing ;fjob. I can also do it speifically for Wind, Water, Fire and Earth jobs. I also added one for the GBA jobs. ;fgba. I must have fat-fingered the typing, macOS autocorrected to "debra" and the semicolon was there because that is what I use to start off all these commands.

Boom. Mystery solved. And I figured it out while trying to sleep.

Thanks brain.