Bought tickets for me and the boy to go to America for a few weeks over the summer.

Primarily for his English skills. And to see my parents. They're cool. Mostly I just want to jam some games of Magic and not worry about work and shit for a while. But I'm sure I'll have translation work. That's okay. These tickets are expensive.

I'm worried about traveling with him post-divorce, since his name has been changed since the last time we went to America. There's paperwork I can get, but instead of offical forms to fill out, I just craft a leter, sign it with my ex-wife in front of a notary, pay way too much money for that service and then hope no one arrests me or takes my son away from me because they think I'm kidnapping him.

I know, I worry too much. But there is so much fucked up stuff going on in America right now that even though I know my whiteness and his American passport should get us through with no problems, I just have my doubts. Because of all the fucked up shit going on. It's scary, even though I've got good reason (i.e. privilege) to not worry about it. But hey, anxiety!

Oh yeah. I hope they let my medicine go through. Maybe I should just talk to my doctor about weaning myself off of it. Hasn't exactly felt like it's been helping lately. Or maybe I just reached a different level of anxiety and it was worse before and it's just less worse now?

Anyway. I'm looking forward to a few weeks with my family even though I have to fly for over twenty hours two times. Ugh. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it sure isn't fun.