I love the Four Job Fiesta.

Working on it sure is exhausting, though. I mean, it's a 24/7 thing. But I "signed up" for this. I like doing it. Plus it keeps me on my toes with stuff like PHP and Twitter APIs and all that sorts of fun stuff.

Well, not PHP. That's not fun.

I had a bug because of a switch statment that ended in a ; instead of a :. Why this is valid PHP, I don't know. But it is and it caused some problems, but they are mostly fixed.

I have a few more things to work on the Fiesta page but I've also been translating a buttton of stuff as well as doing a bit of streaming because, hey, it's the Fiesta! Let's have fun!

Magic Standard Showdowns are done for Dominaria, which kind of sucks because they were a nice reason to get out of the house? But decent timing since that means I can stay home and stream FF5 this week. I should get in some Magic practice but, eh. This Standard is pretty much done. Core Set 19 comes out soon enough.

Anyway, woof. Tired. Bed time.