Sticking with it

I had good results with Esper Control last week during smaller tournaments, bombed during a big one. Had an on night and an off night this week. I changed my deck. Then I thought more and changed it back. Maybe it is not the best deck in the format, but it is not a bad deck and I have much to learn about it. I have much to learn about the game of Magic in general.

Shouldn’t I just be playing Black-Red then?

While the numbers show it’s on the top, I have played with it and I didn’t have fun. Now, am I handicapping myself by playing a deck that is “worse”? Well, even though my record this past week hasn’t been entirely impressive, I always beat Black-Red. So what does that tell me?

I have different matchups to work on. Differnt things to consider. But hopping around to different decks didn’t do well for me last Standard and maybe this won’t work for me. But I’ll try it. Something to stress out a little less about.