Not in the mood

I've been having to deal with my ex-wife quite a bit recently.

See, my son needs his passport renewed. She wants me to take him to America. Cool.

But we're running out of time.

I told her this months ago. I prepared documentation. I told her what to do. She doesn't respond for a month, despite my asking her about it, and then suddenly she is on my ass to get it done. Saying stuff like I owe her for his Japanese passport if we end up not going.

You know, becuase she wouldn't do what I asked her to do.

But it's draining. Suffering from depression means my mind swirls trying to figure out what I did wrong. Becuase I don't want to blame someone else even if it is their fault. I have an innate desire to see how I failed. Even when others had their share.

Oh, and she likes blaming me.

Now a day is nearly over and I am just wiped. And I have to work tomorrow. Tuesday is always my busiest day. And I'm just so tired. But I have so much more to do.

Keep on keepin' on. I suppose.