Making mistakes

PPTQs are Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, so penalties are much harsher.

I cast Pull from Tomorrow at the end of my opponent's turn for six.

And drew seven.

See, I can blame this on habit. Normally you start a game by drawing seven cards. So habit kicked in. What I should have done was lay out each card one by one, face down, and when I reached six I would have realized going for the seventh was silly, or even if I did, I think putting it back on top, since it was not yet in my hand, might have been easily remedied.

I don't know the exact rulings on the last one, but I'm guessing.

I called the judge on myself because, well, it was an honest mistake and the right thing to do. The penalty? Woof. My opponent got to look at my hand pick a card of their choosing and it got shuffled back into my deck.

Yeah, I lost that game. And match.

Lesson learned though. It was a simple slip up, but at least I know the penalty and how to prevent it in the future.