Success and yet...

I finally made Top 8 of a PPTQ.

Now, I lost in the first round of Top 8. I think I oversideboarded. But my prize pool rewarded me with a Mox Amber, and that makes number four - and it costs about what the tournament entry was. So hey. Plus there were some other decent cards that I didn't have playsets of yet. So, not bad.

But, and here is where depression comes in, I finally did it and I can't feel like celebrating. I didn't win it all, so what's the point? Except I will probably feel the same when I win it all. I did feel some elation at making Top 8. That was cool. Of course part of my brain wants to say I was lucky and didn't really deserve it. But no. I took a powerful deck and played it the best I could. And this was my first attempt with the deck. (UW Flash, by the way. Flashing in Lyra end of turn cause a lot of people to scoop.)

So now tomorrow if I don't make Top 8, I'll feel bad. I already have this upset feeling. But that's not worth having. I just have to accept what I did today, and do my best tomorrow.

That's all I can do.