Practice makes...

Put my deck I'm thinking about using for the upcoming PPTQs together on Magic Online, started a league and went 0-3 so far. Yuck.

Okay, I am learning the deck. I am not good at the control matchup. It may be a lack of patience, it may be ignorance about how to approach it. It always seems like they have more counterspells than me. Lost to UW and UB. Yuck.

I almost beat Grixis Control, but I ran out of time. I am still slow on Magic Online, especially when learning a deck. I made Teferi's Emblem when I shouldn't have and ended up having not enough time to attack my opponent.

Live and learn, I suppose.

I am nervous about the PPTQs I am going to this week but I don't know why. They aren't important to my life. What is important is doing the work I have and being the best father I can be to my son. But still, I want to be good at something. Perhaps letting that go will help me perform.