A whole day

Saturday I usually spend with my son. My ex-wife made other plans for today.

Okay, so I could. Well, I could go to a Magic tournament. But I stayed in today.

It was hard.

Super hard.

I woke up, translated, read, studied some Japanese. Did all of the things I try to do in a day. Then I was done. It was lunch time. So I had some lunch and then streamed Magic. I did things I have wanted to do.

So why do I feel so bad?

Magic Arena's quest for me today was to kill 25 of my opponent's creatures. Well hitting a creature with a Magma Spray removes it from the game, so it doesn't count. Okay, yes, I understand why it doesn't count as "dying" for rules purposes. But for quests? Come on. Anyway I am sure it is not an easy problem to solve, but I reported this interaction none-the-less. It was annoying. You'd think a deck with a bunch of burn could take out 25 creatures in no time. Except I kept playing low-creature count decks. Oof.

Well, I went 2-3 in the PTQ, so that means no prizes. Boo. I wasn't sure how to build my deck and kind of winged it at the last minute. I had some fixing in green, along with some good green and red creatures with some nice white stuff I could cast later, so it was Red Green with a white splash. Honstly, the splash never hurt that much except when I was mulliganning down to five which felt like every other game. Seventeen lands.

Okay. I just deleted a paragraph about variance whining. It does no good. It happened. I may have my day. I may never have my day. There were a few good games in there. Gotta focus on the good stuff. The bad will happen. Just gotta keep on working.

PPTQ tomorrow. Sealed. Nervous, but maybe I'll pull something that makes it worth the entry fee. That'd be nice. Then I don't have to "worry" about winning and getting my "value".

But I do want to win.