Movin' Out

Due to reasons, I'm moving.

Well, not the big move out of the countryside that I wanted, but to a different apartment in the same building.


Which meant my plans of taking a nap and then streaming some Magic Online tonight quickly became a mix of packing and cleaning.

And holy shit did I have some junk.

Dead laptops, tons of boxes. Might as well just get rid of it all now. A lot of it was useful when I first moved here but now I can finally get rid of it. I threw away ten t-shirts I haven't worn in three years.

I found my old Yugioh cards. I think I sold anything that was worth value. I wonder if any place buys bulk. I could just donate them to something or someone, maybe?

Oh well. Barely scratched the surface tonight. More tomorrow. Going to be a hell of a week.