I went 3-1 in tonight's Standard Showdown. That felt good. Got fourth place. Got one of the packs. Didn't pull anything, but I am mostly grinding for Planeswalker Points. 2500 and I get two byes at GPs for the next year.

I have 2327. I need the 2500 by May 27. Likely not going to happen.

Had I gone to a few more tournaments, found a team for a GP, won a few more games here and there. Possibly. Oh, it is going to bother me. But I cannot let it. I played hard and will keep playing hard. And that's all I can do. I'll get better. I might even start winning tournaments.

Or I won't. This is just a hobby. Something I do for for between all my other work. But it kind of feels good to have a passion for something.