All day, and all of the night

I'm tired.

I don't think I am sleeping well, but I also don't think I am doing the right things to sleep well. I get home late four days out of the week. Want to go and play Magic in public. Don't exactly like staying home all of the time.

Also, I've gained weight. I heard that can be bad for your breathing at night. Not great.

I exercise, but the bare minimum. A couple of sit-ups and push-ups a day, a few minutes on my fake bike, lift a couple of weights. Try to walk when I can. So many people say it makes you "feel better" but it's pure hell I don't look forward to. I would prefer not to, but apparently it's good. Maybe I'm doing it wrong or not enough.

There's stress. Life stuff. I could complain but who cares? I just have to get it sorted out best I can. That's all.

I could go to bed more. I could sleep more. But I also kind of want to live life. Maybe I want to do too much.

Sleep and life shouldn't be at odds with each other.