Standard Showdown tonight. I was 1-1. Going 2-1 or better gets you the Standard Showdown pack. Winning a match gets you a back of the current set.

Round three. I take a long game one. I'm on Blue-White Control, so that happens. Game two goes on for a while, but my opponent pulls it off. Game three starts. We have seven minutes.

I opened three lands, two History of Benalia, Lyra Dawnbringer and a Settle the Wreckage. Boom, let's go.

We speed through the first few turns. I topdeck another History of Benalia. Pounding commences. Sadly, my opponent begins to stabilize the board in their favor. Or at least in favor of me not winning. I play Lyra. He groans. Time gets called. Neither of us can win in five turns.

I say, well, if we draw, neither of us gets the prize pack or the Standard Showdown pack. He says "Well, if we had time you would have won, so take the win." I get the Stanard Showdown pack. I thank him and slide the prize pack for the round his way. He refuses. I say, no. You did something nice for me, I do something nice for you.

The pulls? All shit. Pure garbage. But there was a moment of kindness.

That was awesome.