A different day

After the divorce, I am still allowed to see my son, but it is kind of hinging on how my ex-wife acts. Sometimes she gives me shit for not spending enough time with him, but then I try to do things and she already has plans that day or he has activities and it's like, I can't drive out forty minutes and then forty minutes back to see him for ten minutes.

I love the boy, but I have to be conscious of money. (I say this as a Magic player which sounds hypocritical. Still, time is sadly money and I have to be conscious of that. I can't just do whatever, whenever.)

Anyway, it sounds like I am trying to get out of spending money on myself when I have a child, bue he does not go without. Anyway, I got a call this morning as I woke up and it was my ex-wife. Somehow the boy thought I was coming over today. I had no problem with this, but without prior arrangements it's just not something that happens. I said yes, she said okay and so I spent the day with the boy.

We did his homework. (Why do six year olds have so much homework? Even when school isn't in session!) We played Chinese Checkers. We ate curry. I bought him a pack of Pokémon cards and then we played a few rounds of it when we got home. We played Othello. Even though he is not allowed to play video games, I am glad we can share my love of gaming in general, and I hope it sticks. I do believe it keeps one sharp and curious.

Then we goofed around a bit, it was time for him to have dinner and bath so I went home. Magic Arena got stuck downloading. (I think they are doing a stress test this weekend?) So I played some RosenkreuzStilette which is such a weird, difficult game.

Not the day I was expecting, but not a bad one. Sadly I got no Magic practice in. Going in to a PPTQ tomorrow with Grixis Midrange. I should probably have given up on it but it is the deck I have worked the most with and will just try my best. This is the last PPTQ before Dominaria hits, and that set should shake things up. So at least I have that to look forward too in terms of Magic.