A good, hard scrub

Two 1-4 Friendly Leagues on Magic Online and a 0-3 Friday Night Magic and I officially don't get this Standard and why Grixis Energy and Blue Black Midrage are considered the "top decks".

I don't get how this is The Scarab God's format. At all. I haven't activated the damn thing more than half the times I've played it.

Red's dead, baby. Or at least I don't see much of it. But I do see lots of God Pharaoh's Gift, Merkfolk, Vampires, Red Green Monsters, Black Green Control, and it feels like the people writing about Standard aren't talking about these decks. Is it just a local meta versus the pro-meta thing?

I'm playing decks that win tournaments. Are people that far ahead of me in the meta? I don't think so because I run into the same people at touraments playing basically the same decks all the time and tweaked. And I make tweaks to go against what I expect, but I just never have the answers that I need and my threats are always answered efficiently.

Merfolk used Unsummon perfectly to make my entire gameplan void tonight, and not drawing one of my three boarded in wipes meant that it was game over. Dinosaurs just ate my graveyard away and swung at me too fast to do anything.

I've read that Glint-Sleeve Siphoner is one of the best cards in the format. I don't think I activated one tonight. Sure don't remember doing it much in the leagues online. Gearhulk and Glimmer has said to be the best combo in Standard. If that's what I'm flashing back with Gearhulk I'm either way too ahead or desperate. That hardly makes it great.

The Scarab God just isn't that good. I mean, if it lives, yeah, it's going to do some work. But it never lives and some game you just can't wait to turn 7 or 9 to drop it and get value or have up Negate protection.

I don't get it. I am either playing this Standard wrong or listening to the wrong people. But I cannot wait for Dominaria to drop and make some changes.