Shocking revelations

Have I mentioned that I put on over five kilograms during the winter?

Holy shit.

Nerves? Maybe. Some shit has been pretty not-great. I mean, not terrible, but I am not good at doing stuff. But I realized I was snacking a lot while driving, usually while coming home from something. And I have been going out more than I did when I first moved out on my own again because it has been getting to the point where I don't like staying home.

But driving is boring. And even when you have many, many, many, podcasts to listen too, a couple of chocolate-chip breadsticks go down real nice when you are driving home at one in the morning.

But that probably was not great for my waist.

So I am going to make effort one to snack less. I already did it tonight. On my way home from the tournament I had nothing to eat. I feel a bit hungry, but not really hungry, and I bet when I wake up tomorrow morning I am not going to regret eating nothing.

Now I just have to keep this up. Because I'm not young, and while depression may make living hard some days, I have no desire to die any time soon.