Two steps behind.

I played Red Black Aggro at a Win-A-Box tournament today. I lost round one, so that meant I had no chance of winning the box, but I did get my draft entry for free. Didn't pull anything exciting there, but whatever.

Thing is. Well. The deck did okay. But people where jamming Karns and Teferis and all sorts of Dominaria cards and they felt good against me. I managed to still win with a deck that was mostly tweaked from last Standard but I am just not sure what to be playing right now.

I read a lot about Magic. But that's all the past. And I really shouldn't do what I did last time and just keep chaning drastically what I played each time. I mean, one has to adapt but repetition does bring skill improvements.

But I'm just not sure. And lack of confidence doesn't help either.

I feel lost. It's not that I'm not having fun, I just have this feeling that I am doing things wrong. And of course the instinct is to want to be right.