Nothing to say

I tried streaming tonight, but my heart wasn't in it.

My heart isn't in anything right now. I did enjoy the Dominaria Prerelease weekend, but now that it is over, there are some Standard tournaments coming up but I am completely at a loss what to play so that doesn't feel exciting.

I noticed I haven't worked on EPIC for three weeks.

While I have been doing odd translation jobs here and there, it's not a lot so I should have some time to code. I just... can't.

I don't know if it is because I ran out of ideas for the game, if I'm disheartened by it getting rejected from BitSummit or if deep down I don't want to make it.

I do want to make it. I think. I just have those concerns going on in the back of my head and now I'm worried about those and having trouble focusing? Maybe?

I'm not sure. So I tried streaming. Magic Arena daily quests and plugging away at FF12HD like I promised. But I don't feel like doing much. Damn vacation blues or whatever they call it.

I'm tired. So I've tried exercising more. People say that works. I think they are full of shit. Exercise has never made me feel good. Just bad. Really bad. But everyone says they feel better from it. So either my brain is so fucked and is trying to sabotage things that should make me feel good or people are fucking lying.

And I don't know who to trust anymore.