Two wins

I played in five, yes, five pre-releases of Dominaria.

I played Red Green, probably my least favorite combination. Blue White, quite possibly my favorite although I might have been lacking in power. Two White Blacks which were pretty darn powerful and I honestly forget the third tournament, except I went 2-1 and have a hunch it was also White and Black, although memory is a funny thing. I didn't tweet during that tournament for some reason.

Actually, I went 2-1 in all of them except for the one that was four rounds. I went 2-2 there. So I kind of had a feeling for the format. I think. Most of my matches - barring when I got mana screwed game three of the third tournament and had to mulligan down to four after losing game one - felt good. I made a bit of a mistake my first tournament and spent some creature removal a bit too early, but other than that I was cautious and got the job done.

And sometimes you lose.

I do like this set. I ended up with a pair of Karns and a pair of Tefaris. A Jaya Ballard rounds out the Planeswalkers. I ordered a Tefari before his price jump and two Jayas just in case. Plus she was cheap. Four Phyrexian Scriptures because they were cheap too. They already doubled in price. I also got a Mox Amber because I figured it would be one of those things that either stayed around $20 or jumped up because of Commander and Brawl, and why not have one. I pulled one, so that will be two when my shipment arrives. Not sure if I want to get the third and fourth. That goes for Karn as well, but if the Mox dips down I might grab them just in case. I mean, four Moxes. When was the last time we could do that.

I'll be in a draft this weekend and a sealed PPTQ next Sunday, so that should allow me to grab a few more things, maybe? I'll probably just pull more copies of The Antiquities War. Already up to five, so why wouldn't "randomness" allow me to get more rares I don't need instead of something I might actually play.

I have no idea what the fuck to do about Standard. I should probably just put something together that's fast and red with Goblin Chainwhirlers and Siege-Gang Commanders. Or maybe Red and Black and abuse Torgaar, Famine Incarnate some way. Hell, the card is worded that I could heal myself if I happen to be below ten.