New textbooks this year. In addition to that, fifth and sixth graders need 50 lessons a year instead of 35.

So there have been some changes.

Biggest is that two middle-school teachers are going to elementary schools to teach classes. Of course there have been a ton of problems so far. Lack of organization leads to students coming late to class, meaning the lessons cannot be completed in one class, so several schools are already a bit behind. Plus you have stuff like the inability for the software for the textbook to be installed on the computers (I have no idea why and honestly lack the interest in knowing the exact details) so there is a way to access them via the city's server for the school.

Except for the schools that use a digital classroom for other activities and the English classes where those compters are setup differently and cannot access the city server. So no software for class.

I'm getting by. You don't do a job for eleven years without figuring out a few ways to wing things when you need to.

But it's getting annoying and stressful. I'm sure by July we will be in somewhat of a working order but until these issues get ironed out, it's going to be a bumpy school year.