Sleepy time

I have been so tired. So, so tired. I don't know what it is. Spring? Allergies? Bad sleeping position?

I also know the Dominaria pre-release weekend is going to kick my butt. However I am going to play in a lot of pre-releases because there's a sealed PPTQ coming up and I want to not utterly fail at that. Of course there's the chance of pulling crap, but I want to at least practice.

That and get a collection of stuff and see what I need because I have no idea where Standard is going. Although I think The Scarab God is not going to have the impact or "reign of terror" that everyone once thought.

Although Phyrexian Scriptures sure seems like an interesting card. A turn delayed Damnation. I have trouble seeing that as bad. But we'll see if it slots in anywhere.

But I'm tired. Stil, I have kept up my streaming schedule as best as I can and even started working on my FF12 playthrough I promised. My last save was September 20. Holy shit, how time flies. And the Fiesta is almost upon us. I gotta get working on finishing this playthrough.

Crikies, and I still haven't beaten FF15. Or DQ11.

Well, there's been Magic.