What did I learn?

I played a lot of Magic over the past few months. I did not qualify for a single PPTQ and I played in a lot of them. I did not make a single top eight, excluding today where they cut to top four.


Even today I noticed I was making some mistakes by playing a bit too hasty. I was nervous round two after losing round one and still managed to win because Hazoret is hard for your opponent to beat when they have to mulligan down to five. Well, it happens.

2-1-2 was my record today, which got me eight. I think I should have been a bit more proactive against the Drake Haven player, although I don't think I sided properly for that. Fiery Cannonade would have been beautiful but I had Sweltering Suns. Anyway, we ran out of time and drew.

I need to slow down. I forgot to play a land one turn and it cost me the game even though I won the match. I need to think about what my opponent has more often. I tapped out to pump a Ballista when that gave them access to freely cast a Torrential Gearhulk. That +1/+1 was not worth it.

But that is progress, and there are more Standard seasons this year and PPTQs to play in. So I’ll keep doing it. Because in the end I am having fun even if I get a bit frustrated from time to time.