The crash to end it all

Xenon Valkyrie crashed on me when I got to a boss and switched weapons.

I'm done with this game.

It's nice that the developer was giving out copies to spread their game. That is a cool way of doing it. I know I give mine out for free (basically, tips are possible) because I want people to play my game. The most frustrating feeling I have had as an indie developer is spending hours on a project and feeling like more hours were spent making it than people in the world spent consuming it.

Okay, but this is not to talk about my problems.

I finally got to a boss fight in Xenon Valkyrie with a bit of confidence that I'd do good and the game straight up crashed when I tried to switch to my gun to hit the boss from a distance.

Fuck it. Life's too short. I've got a lot of stuff to do. Like prepare for the Dominaria pre-release weekend.