Games I beat in 2018 #4: Minit

Part of developing your own games makes games less fun. Not entirely, but you develop the ability to see behind the curtains. "Oh, they probably did this that way." Or whatever.

And sometimes you wish you had the idea for the game you're playing.

Minit will do that to you if you're a game developer. That doesn't mean you won't have fun. You'll just think "Dammit, why didn't I think of something so simple yet so clever!"

The game runs on a one minute clock. Then you die. You're supposed to die. But what can you do in that one minute? There are several "homes" so you can actually end up venturing quite a distance in the world map. You can also take advantage of this by completing part of an event, running out of time, spwaning at your home and then going to the next part without having to travel back as much.

So it's mechanic also serves as a way of removing backtracking. It's genious.

There are a variety of items to find and equip. Most of them feel standard for RPGs, but of course most of them have a neat little twist.

It only took me an hour and a half to beat, and I had someone in my stream point out something I had missed when I lamented that I was a bit stuck on what to do at the exact moment. I wasn't even actually "stuck" it was more that I didn't realize I could interact with a thing the way I needed to. I'm not sure if that is the game's fault or my obviousness, but I'll lean towards my not thinking hard enough about the part. I should have realized I needed to do something in that area.

If I am being vague it is because the game is short and does benefit from you figuring things out yourself. And there's a lot to figure out. One minute at a time.

Mmm, cliché.