People say that it is said that changing things up can help get out of a rut. So when no match was found for my second round of a Magic Online league, I opened up RosenkreuzStilette and finished the game.

I'm actually surprised I did because the game is fucking hard. It says I spent 180+ hours on it, which is believable since I have had the game running for a few months now, since there is no saving in it and loading from a password doesn't carry over Energy Tanks. Yes, it is a very Mega Man game.

Anyway, 180 hours is not a few months, so I guess it didn't track time when it wasn't in the foreground. I must have left it there a few nights, though. I mean, I mostly played it in-between rounds of Magic Online tournaments.

But it was a fun game, even if I suck hard at the Mega Man series of games and its clones.

I had already completed my Magic Arena grind for the day, and I must say I am going to miss my progress when they reset it, but I am at least having fun with the product. It feels less stressful than Magic Online for some reason? Probably because I am not spending actual money and nothing is “on the line” other than free cards and so on. I like this beta. It has a way to go, but it is fun.

After I finished RosenkreuzStilette, I booted up Minit. This was another nice little refresher. It's a short game, but it was fun. I’ll have to go into detail on both of these games, but I am glad I played them. That makes games number three and four I beat this year. Slower progress than usual, but then again I am on a serious Magic grind. I like that game a lot and want to be good at it. But breaks are healthy. I’m glad I took one.