Games I beat in 2018 #3: RosenkreuzStilette

The “word” RosenkreuzStilette has been in my pasteboard a lot over the past 24 hours. I “played” it for a lot more than that.

Games tracking time spent played is terrifying. But that’s another story for another time.

It’s obviously a Mega Man clone, with lots of love and by love I mean scantily clad girls who are magicians and robots but also not really?

I could have paid more attention to the story.

Regardless, it was fun and despite being an immense challenge, I was glad to go through it. The game did offer spots to “grind” life refilling tanks but it was also slow. And help you if you run out of a boss’s weakness. Coming into contact with bosses does massive damage on top of that.

But, it was fun. Borderline trolling the player, but I think it expects you to be a fan of the genre enough to know what to expect and what you’ll get.