A 2-1

So I did post my Sunday “explosion of emotions” on Reddit and got a single reply. Well, that is better than nothing, right? It was, mostly becasue it confirmed a few things I already know. But it is nice to hear it from someone else.

I need to slow down.

I need to pick a deck and stick with it.

I already broke that running Grixis Energy last night and Blue Black Control tonight. But yesterday I tilted againd ue to a few rounds of bad lands and lots of mulligans with Grixis so I just put back Blue Black Control again for the umpteenth time this Standard season and I went 2-1 tonight.

Yes, I made a dumb mistake last night that had I not done I could have at least had a chance. Maybe Grixis is as good as everyone says. But Blue Black control just felt like home. I wish there was a spot for more than two of The Scarab God, because I felt like I was digging for that jerk a lot tonight. But Gearhulks, Vraska’s Contempts and my two-of Commit // Memory did a lot of work. And I felt good.

Now, I didn’t face any Mono Red tonight. Two God Pharaoh’s Gifts and a Blue Black Midrange. I was super salty after round one because I had to mulligan twice into GPG just going off flawlessly and then I had to mulligan again into a barely keepable hand and GPG’s resiliance just showed its power. I beat UB midrange fairly easily by just keeping them off their creatures and then finding a time to stick The Scarab God with protection.

The last round was against GPG again and game one took 42 of the 50 minute round. I was hanging on by my fingernails. Two life at one point. But Azcanta found me a needed Vraska’s Contempt, and then a Gearhulk flashing back Memory gave me a good enough hand to stablize into The Scarab God letting me get their milling dudes and milling out for the win. It was intense. We both played lands back and forth for the majority of game two until time was called. He did his best to fill up his graveyard but only got one angel and finally snaked through a Gift. I had River’s Rebuke and he had a Cast Out on one of my Gearhulks. That stablized me enough to turn game two into a draw, get top 5 and win a Standard Showdown pack. I pulled crap, but I don’t care about cards. I want to play good Magic.

Round one had me feeling like shit and I have to admit that winning round three of course made me happy, but that game one was one of the most thrilling games I have played in a long time. It was a good reminder of why I like this game. Not because I won, but because it was just a chain of us going back and forth until one of us one. It felt like we both played the best we could. Sure, I won, but it wasn’t easy, and it was intense.